My loving Walter Camp’s workout (again)

Sure I don’t really write so much about Walter Camp’s Daily workout as I did during the lockdown of 2020, but I still like to think of myself as a Walter Camp fanboi.

For the past 15+ days or so, I have been doing Camp’s daily workout at least once. I also tried to add other workouts like a Chinese radio calisthenics workout, an early 20th century supposed US Army routine, or even just a variety of low-impact jumping jacks.

So far, this made me feel great and a lot more optimistic about improving my health and general well-being. The CDC, Mayo Clinic, and NHS all agree we should do at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. With the increase of activity I have been doing daily, I was happy that I am slowly getting to the point of exercising for at least that much.

Then my job gave me an unhealthy dose of reality.

My boss wanted us to have a meeting one day at a late morning. Usually, as I work third shift in my job, I would wake up at 11 AM or noon. So this meant less sleep for me and even less time for me to exercise.

That day, I woke up early. I got myself some coffee and combed my hair so I wouldn’t look too messy. The meeting was to be an hour but it went on for 90 minutes. Boss thanked me for waking up early, we all logged out, and then I set my alarm and went back to sleep.

And that was it, I did Camp’s workout. Then I took a shower and drove to the office.

So that day I only did 7-10 minutes of exercise and no more. On the way to the office, I asked myself “Was it worth working out for such a short time?”

After I arrived at my office, I knew the answer: yes it was.

*Granted, I didn’t burn many calories doing this workout alone. However, this routine did wake me up and made me feel more alive. In a sense, being awake and alert helps burn more calories when doing everyday activities such as driving, brushing my teeth, and typing.

*I found myself having more mobility in my joints. Since I spend time rotating my shoulders, hips, neck, and so on I find my movements looser and freer.

*Many people suffer form of back problem as they get older. In my case, my back is getting stronger and more supple. The routine has me twist and turn my spine in different directions, giving it more flexibility than if I don’t exercise at all.

*There are some days my metabolism improves due to the improvement of my body’s elimination process. That is to say, because I am twisting the body and massaging the organs, many times I find myself using the bathroom after exercising.

*The strength training in Camp’s workout is minimal, but there is some. Most of the training comes through ankle raises and deep squats. So the legs as well as the lower abdomen do get exercised.

*Because I regulated my breathing for each movement, I got more oxygen into my blood and increase its VO2 max in a more gentle fashion.

* I usually have poor posture. But, after doing this exercise, my posture becomes a lot more erect.

* When using free weights (less than 3 lbs, mind you!) I get a higher calorie burn and faster muscular development. When I hold on to a pair of tennis balls, my muscles get more toned.

* Last, but not least, my body becomes more “addicted” to exercise. The 7-10 minutes I spend doing Walter Camp’s workout makes my body want to do more.

So obviously I am speaking from my own personal experience. However, I also think that if you tried this exercise routine out for at least a week, you can also see positive changes in your body and physique. You won’t lose a lot of weight, build muscle, or look like a bodybuilder or fitness model. However, this will be one hell of a first step in an 1000 mile fitness journey. This easy, low-impact routine will lead to greater health and fitness in the long-run.

Again, if you ever want to try this out, you can click here for one version of the routine.

Here is also another version.

Last, but not least, this is a modernized take on the exercises. Sure the ebook isn’t for free, but you only pay $6 US. However, once you incorporate the exercises in your daily life, it will be the best 6 dollars you will have ever spent.

Anyways, to wrap the story up, I was satisfied that day with my workout. I came to know that even if I do this workout only once a day, I will still benefit from the movements.

The next day I found out that one of my coworker is taking a week off of vacation. This means I have to put more hours in the office and that I would only have enough time to do Camp’s workout once a day.

You know what? I am okay with that.


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